About Daniel A. Kaine

Daniel Alexander Kaine, born and raised in England, makes his living working as a customer service advisor.

Daniel started writing in 2009 to alleviate boredom while searching for employment. He began writing a cheesy fanfic for his favourite anime, Naruto, in which he paired our hero with the gorgeous Sasuke in an Anita Blake-esque world of vampire hunting. To this day he still cringes at the memory of all that cheese... *shudders*

In 2010, Daniel finally worked up the courage to start writing an original story. Thus, the idea of the 'Daeva' series was born, and with the help of the NaNoWriMo boards the story became a reality.

Since then, Daniel has gone out to write many more stories including:
- Surviving Sin City - a short zombie story, co-authored with the amazeballs Ethan Stone;
- No Angel, which became his first book to be contracted by a publisher, Dreamspinner Press;
- Slasherazzi, his favourite book to date that includes enough gore to break to gore-o-meter.

Being an out-and-proud gay man, Daniel enjoys writing about hot men getting it on with other equally sexy dudes. And for good measure, there's usually-but not always-a generous portion of the paranormal to spice things up a bit.

When not writing, Daniel enjoys curling up with a good book, and a glass of Jack Daniels and coke. His favourite genres include fantasy of all kinds - particularly paranormal and urban fantasy - crime and M/M romance. He also has a fatal love for video games and can often be seen pretending to be a giant cow with super healing powers on World of Warcraft, saving the world from Russian ultranationalists on Call of Duty, or slaying dragons on Skyrim. He also collects and paints Warhammer 40k models. Outside of the house, he can be found bowling, canoeing and running.

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